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Depthforge Support

Welcome to the support page for Depthforge, the immersive 3D image generation app for Apple Vision Pro by Forward Thinkers Labs. We’re here to help you with any questions or issues you may have while using our application. This page provides information on how to get started, use the app’s features, troubleshoot common problems, and contact our support team.

Getting Started

  1. Download Depthforge: Visit the Apple App Store and search for “Depthforge” to download and install the application on your Vision OS device.

  2. Launch the App: Open Depthforge from your app library and familiarize yourself with the main screen.

Using Depthforge

  1. Generating Images: Enter a text prompt in the text box and tap “Generate” to create a 3D immersive image. You can choose between Landscape and Portrait orientations before generating the image.

  2. Prompt Inspiration: If you don’t have a prompt in mind, tap on one of the subjects from the randomized list to get a prompt idea.

  3. Enhance with AI: Use the “Enhance with AI” option to further improve your prompt using an LLM for maximum image quality.

  4. Generation Time: Image generation typically takes around 40-55 seconds. If servers are overloaded, it may take more time.

  5. Immersive View: Once the image is generated, it will open in an immersive view where you can see the image in 3D form. Drag the image to position it in your space. Use the zoom slider or zoom gesture to increase the image size.

  6. Image Library: Access the “Library” to view your generated images. The library also displays the storage space the images occupy on your device and allows you to delete images if needed.

  7. Immersive View Behavior: Only one immersive view can remain open at a time. Generating a new image or viewing an image from the library will close the current immersive view and launch a new one.

  8. Immersive View Placement: The immersive view will appear in front of you, wherever you are looking. Drag it to a comfortable position for better viewing.

  9. Zoom Controls: If you prefer not to have zoom controls on the screen, you can turn them off in the settings screen.


Contact Support

If you have any further questions, concerns, or feedback, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team at We’re always here to help and appreciate your input as we work to improve Depthforge.

Happy exploring!